Often we travel and find ourselves stuck in very odd unfortunate situations. However we need to plan accordingly to ensure that we enjoy our travel. Here are some tips on how to travel safe.

Keep your travel details a secret and pack accordingly

Inform the right personnel and do not tell the rest about where you are going. Also pack rightly starting with the most appropriate items to avoid over packing or carrying loads of luggage. If you smoke or vape, consider switching to an e-cigarette at least while traveling, instead of packing a carton of cigarettes, which takes up valuable space and can get crushed.

Avoid distractions from a gang of kids or people.

This mostly happens. A group of kids or people come up to you begging for help, holding out a piece of paper or something else. Be quick to realize that especially if you are traveling there for the first time. Push them away together with the paper they might be holding. Most of them are just distractions so they can get to steal your valuables.

Secure your luggage

When you are at the airport be sure to guard you suitcase as it appears on the carousel. Sticking around waiting for the crowd will make you lose your luggage. You might have everything valuable with you, so deter and prevent thieves from stealing or tampering with your luggage. Also ensure that your luggage has a lock to prevent it from being left unlock after inspection.

In hotel rooms, ensure that the door has a lock and a travel door alarm. This ensures that your possessions are safe.

Secure your cash or credit cards

First avoid changing money at the airport. This might attract thieves who could be watching at a distance. Carry a travel wallet or pouches that you tie around your waist for safety in case you are carrying loads of cash. For credit cards, always keep note of your credit card numbers and the telephone numbers needed to cancel them. Sometimes your credit card can be misplaced or stolen by someone who could possibly use it to order online. Keep soft copy of your credit cards in your laptop, password protected for those hotels that need photocopies of them. Ensure you inform you credit card Company that you will be traveling and where exactly you will be.

Get the right transportation

You can ask a travel agency to get u a taxi or be sure you know how the taxis look like. Some countries experience frequent carjacking, so ensure you keep the doors and windows closed while in the car.

Beware of your new neighborhood

If you are new, look around, familiarize yourself with the area. Be sure to notice when you unwittingly wander off into a completely unfamiliar neighborhood and be safe. You can usually tell since most people around seem to look different. If you notice that the people around seem unfriendly, retrace your steps to your initial safe place and stick to it. It should be filled with tourists and a large population so safety can be guaranteed.

Blend in

Avoid standing out even if you are new to the place. Do not do the most obvious like wearing funny white sandals, sneakers and carrying around a camera with a map. Do yourself a favor and blend in. do a discreet map check and act as if you know where you are going even if you feel lost.

As much as traveling is fun, remember, it can also turn into a really bad experience so be prepared. However, remember that most places aren’t as dangerous as we’ve been taught to believe. Many countries are safer than most major cities in the US, rather than the other way around.

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